Discover the 

Venetian Ghetto's 

Hidden Gems!

The best of what the Venice Jewish Ghetto has to offer revealed in our latest interactive eBook, ‘A Journey Through the Venetian Ghetto’. Virtually or on-site, explore the story of the Venetian Jews, dating back 500 years!

"After years of being hidden and unexplored, buried under a layer of seductive and powerful clichés, the key stories of the Venetian ghetto are finally beginning to unveil themselves with this great new ebook"

- Prof. Shaul Bassi, University Of Venice


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The  World  Jewish  Heritage  Fund,  Inc.  is a non-profit  organization. Our mission is to preserve Jewish heritage worldwide and promote tourism to a variety  of  sites  and cultural events around the world that are of great importance to the Jewish heritage continuity. We are here to stand up for our heritage, giving it back its long-lost voice, in honor of past generations, and in favor of those to come.


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